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On the main page you can see all configurations of your bots, Fuel, Chart, API Keys status, Chips and much more.


  1. API Keys Status - Indicator of your spot and margin trading permission.

  2. Currency - Selected pair (Bot)

  3. Profit - amount of profit you earn on each deal.

  4. Delta - range of grid where the bot will trade. The bot will distribute balance to fill the delta range with a grid.


  1. Stop Loss - Stop Loss % for each order. Each order will Stop Loss independently from others.

  2. Trailing - Grid movement to current price. Orders will move one by one to reach the current price.

  1. Scale - Scale will stretch your OUT orders into bigger delta in order to receive the same profit when the price is dumping. Allows the bot to stay in the grid and continue trading.

  2. Reinvest - Your profit will be recalculated in new chips. If disabled, profit will be postponed to spot wallet.

  3. Target - Stop condition after reaching all balance in asset A or B.

  1. Reset Stats - Reset statistics of current Bot. (Lifetime, Deals, Income, Deal Time)


  1. Converted Balance - Current balance of chosen market pair. Converted into BTC or USDT at the moment.


  1. Start Balance - Starting balance for both assets.


  1. Current Balance - Balance at the moment in starting assets.


  1. Converted Profit - Converted income to current market pair with fee.


  1. Profit - Income in assets of chosen market pair with fee.


  1. Fee - Fee in assets A and B, Fee in BNB (if you use BNB discount).


  1. Lifetime - Total lifetime of the selected bot. It is calculated when the bot is active.

  2. Income - Profit in % from starting balance.

  3. Deal time - Average time your bot makes a deal.

  4. Deals - Number of deals your bot did. Deal means that an order has been bought and sold with profit.


Chips - Chips are the orders opened on Binance. There are 4 types of chips:

  • Green - Buy orders. (IN orders)
  • Red - Sell orders. (IN orders)
  • Yellow - Orders with profit. (OUT orders)
  • Grey - Executed Stop Loss orders.

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    API keys permission, Fuel, Profit, Delta, Stop loss, Target, Income, Deals, Deal time, Converted Profit, Converted balance, Fees.

  • Fuel

    Fuel is required to maintain your bot’s work. Fuel is burned only if you receive profit, consumption is 5%. 1 fuel is equal to 1 USDT.

  • Create and Start the bot

    Detailed instruction on how to create, configure and start the bot for spot trading. Set start balance, profit, delta.

  • Wavemeter

    The wavemeter is a service that displays Binance Spot Market pairs according to assets in different time ranges, providing you with current data in the form of a table.

  • Support

    Contact support center