About: Your Bunny Trades

YBT is a unique crypto ecosystem with innovative crypto trading methods. It’s a place where crypto enthusiasts can find crypto trading tools collected in one place.

YBT is home to cloud-based high-frequency automated crypto trading BOTS. Skyrocket your passive income with modern auto-trading techniques. Connect the world's largest and most popular crypto market Binance and OKX, and start to earn in moments.

  • MyBotGarage
  • X-Bot

YBT is one of a kind platform for exclusive trading tools. With a glimpse of an eye, you will be able to make the right decision about assets to invest in. Don’t waste your time in search of indicators, just visit YBT. Remember: decision-making is up to you.

  • OraCool
  • Wavemeter

We collected the most popular crypto widgets in one place for you.

  • Fear & Greed index
  • Running Line
  • Heatmap
  • Bearish / Bullish Technical Score
  • Market Overview with top Winners/Losers

YBT is an all-in-one crypto trading platform with a unique and intuitive interface. It includes a lot of features and tools that suit beginners and experienced traders. We created an Academy about our products for you.

Our goal is to create a special under one roof place where crypto enthusiasts will spend their time using our products to increase their earnings. You will be pleasantly surprised with the productiveness of our products.

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  • About X-Bot

    X-Bot is a platform that hosts superfast and highly profitable automated crypto trading bots. Different bot types and strategies, stop loss and trailing profit.

  • Oracool

    By analysing huge amounts of data, in different time ranges, Oracool will give results about Oversold and Overbought pairs. It observes and collects data about USDT pairs.

  • Wavemeter

    The wavemeter is a service that displays Binance Spot Market pairs according to assets in different time ranges, providing you with current data in the form of a table.