Extraordinary analytics tool for Binance Futures Market. By analyzing huge amounts of data, in different time ranges, Oracool will give results about Oversold and Overbought pairs.

It is connected to Binance futures market and updates in real-time. It observes and collects data about USDT pairs. With a help of historical data and MA in different time ranges OraCool says which pairs are more/less oversold or overbought. Knowing that a pair is oversold could be a signal to open a Long position and if a pair is overbought it might be a signal to open a Short position.

It is designed to be easy to understand for inexperienced and experienced crypto traders. Horizontal bars and points show how one pair is more/less oversold or overbought over the others.

OraCool analyses 5 different time ranges and calculates the average value of each pair. The ‘younger’ (fresher) the data is the bigger impact it will have on the result.

We do not give signals whether to open a Long or Short position. It is up to you to make the right decision. OraCool and MyBotGarage will make a perfect synergy.

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